Concept Sketches

I have found that sketching is an essential practice for documenting, evaluating, and communicating ideas—and this has incentivized me to continue to work on my observation skills throughout my career.


various clients

Experience timeline to facilitate design of a linear interactive media piece.

Digital sketch for an educational exhibition, collaborating with a physical designer to define use of space.

Pagination and spread composition for a book about Bruce Jenson’s typeface, Centaur.

A “white model” for an exhibition relating to printed books and manuscripts. I’ve learned the importance of creating prototype sketches in the actual medium I’m designing for, even crudely.

Ideas for a flexible community and activism space, shown through hand sketches in two colors.

Digital sketches depicting an interactive film about an artwork’s origin and provenance.

Idea for how to increase environmental awareness in museum visitors through a multi-user interactive game, communicated through digitally colored hand sketches.

Storyboards for web interactions encouraging science exploration through play.

Digital sketches showing visitors onboarding and participating in a multi-user game at a theme park.